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Superior CX through structured approach to continuous improvement

Our client is a highly reputable global provider of payment services. Customer service plays a critical role in providing an excellent customer experience. Continuously improving the experience is essential in driving loyalty and growth for the client.

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Our client is one of that biggest Telco companies in Europe. They have multiple requests for highly specific reporting data that are performed manually from various systems and portals. The manual nature processing critical data and information influences high propensity for errors and inaccuracies, and causes long completion timelines at very low efficiency and quality levels.

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Our client is one of the largest Telco businesses in the UK. They needed to identify and act upon the reasons why they were not meeting expectations in quality of service, customer satisfaction, and issue resolution. There was a clear opportunity to design an effective plan of action that will address identified process improvement areas through the use of data and insight gathered from end-customers. An appropriate technology solution was also required in order to eliminate manual data processing, and cut across the limitations posed by traditional quality management.

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In the grand finale of the annual Interactions EMEA conference, NICE announced the winners of the CX Excellence Award, five organizations that excelled in the delivery of service and leve...

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